Lauhala Bags and Mat

Hawaiian Handbags and Lauhala Tote Bags

Our Lauhala Baskets have been so popular with everyone that we thought we should provide folks with other very useful lauhala products, such as Handbags with the traditional Hawaiian look. This page is devoted to two Lauhala Tote Bags (one is wide [14"] and the other is tall [18"]), and one mat. A lauhala mat is an item that is often used in tandem with large gourds that are used to create rhythm during Hawaiian entertainment, but, of course, it does not have to be limited to that use alone. From Hand-Woven Handbags for use as totes, beach bags or musical instrument bags, to lauhala rhythm mats, we strive to provide uniquely Hawaiian or Hawaiian-look items, which are useful, of great quality, and are attractively priced.

Tall Lauhala Bag
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Tall Lauhala Bag
14" X 7" X 19", handle - 6.5 X 7 inches
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