Hawaiian Print Briefcases

Colorful, decorative Hawaiian print pattern on Briefcases

Basic Hawaiian Print Briefcase
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Basic Briefcase:
12" by 16 ½" by 2 ½"


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This briefcase is trimmed in a bright, tropical print on the front or on the front pocket flap. Those that are completely fabric on the front have a very subtle introduction of soft, barely visible pastel pink lines in the floral design in the flap part of the front of the briefcase, while the bottom half of the front of the briefcase has the same design without the pink lines. However, the designer deliberately made the pink so subtle that one can barely see it (click on enlargement to see it clearly). It simply adds interest to the design. Also, the lining of these cases is cushioned so that you can safely carry your laptop in them. Inside the front pocket of both briefcase styles, there are compartments for pens and pencils and for a calculator or phone. To carry the case, use the nylon short woven handles or the adjustable shoulder strap.

Note: Since the Hawaiian print patterns and colors change continuously, we can only accept orders for style of briefcase, not for colors or patterns. The briefcases are made of a sturdy, black nylon canvas (similar to that used for suitcases), and the colorful, decorative Hawaiian print pattern on it that you receive will be a surprise!