Hawaiian Specialty Candy:

Tiki Toffee Lava Rock Chocolates and Just For You

Here's a tasty treat to give as gifts, keep on hand for guests, or just to satisfy your cravings once in a while. Native Hawaiians love these candies. The candies have a distinct Hawaiian taste, because the coconuts, Kona coffee, and macadamia nuts that are used to make them are grown in Hawaii's rich, reddish-brown soil.

So, if you enjoy occasional, sweet pleasures, try these delicious Hawaiian candies...

Hawaiian Specialty Candies:

Tiki Toffee
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6 oz.
Tiki ToffeeTM

Buttery, crunchy toffee covered with creamy, rich milk chocolate and then rolled in chopped macadamia nuts - oh, so ono!

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Lava Rock Chocolates
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10 oz.
Lava Rock ChocolatesTM

Whole roasted macadamia nuts, coated with crispy toffee, then dipped in creamy, rich milk chocolate, followed by a dusting of confectioners sugar, these chocolates bear a resemblance to hot molten rocks and are offered in honor of Hawaii's active volcano, Kilauea.

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Just For You
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4.5 oz. (6 boxes)
6 pc. minimum
Just For You

(Each order unit is 6 boxes. Ex: to order 18 boxes, specifiy a quantity of 3 units only)
Whole macadamia nuts covered in luscious milk chocolate: Two chocolates to a box make this item a great wedding favor, stocking-stuffer or gift-wrap accessory.

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We cannot ship confections during the hot months of the year (usually June through September, though this can vary, based on weather patterns from year to year), as they will not arrive in desireable condition to their destination when we are experiencing those temperatures.