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Pele's Perils Hawaiian Adventure Game
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Pele's Perils
Hawaiian Adventure Game,
2-4 players, ages 4 and Up
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'Ohana Mana Hawaiian Adventure Game
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'Ohana Mana
Hawaiian Adventure Game,
2-4 players, ages 8 to Adult
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Would you like to educate your children and inform your friends about the Hawaiian culture? Well, here's an easy and fun way to do it! Akamai (smart or clever) Games are intended to provide an entertaining and educational experience that informs about the Hawaiian culture, the strength and importance of family (which is important to all societies), and the dangers that exist on a tropical, volcanic island. In these Hawaii Games, various Hawaiian words are used throughout, and the phonetic pronunciation and translation or meaning is provided for each as they are introduced.

There are two Hawaiian Games. One, Pele's Perils, is intended to engage and challenge children from age 4 and up, while the other, 'Ohana Mana, is for children and adults, from age 8 to adult. So the whole family can play together and enjoy these Educational Games together!

Let's explain each Hawaiian Board Game a bit:

In Pele's Perils, pictures and arrows show the way to go UP by sharing goodness with others, and the way to go DOWN, caused by the dangers of the volcano. Pele (pronounced Pehleh), the Hawaiian volcano goddess of fire, has powers that are supreme. She plays a very active role in this game, as she opens up secret passageways for a player, if the player is lucky enough to meet her on his/her way through the game board. However, the player must still be very careful, because, if that player gets caught in the middle of a lava flow, he or she may need to be rescued by a helicopter!

In 'Ohana Mana, each player has a 4-member 'ohana (oh-hah-nah)(family) team of game pieces that they move around the board, and, as the 'ohana game pieces are moved across the game board, players may acquire mana (man-nah), or spiritual energy, by doing good deeds to spread aloha (ah-loh-hah) (love and kindness). As the players move across the board doing these good deeds, they also encounter cultural and geological sites and answer questions about Hawaii. When 2 members of the same family meet on a space, they form a strong Family Bond, which no player can pass, unless the player has enough mana to be allowed to pass. Another advantage to having a lot of mana is that the player who has it may spend it to capture other players and send them back to START. However, many environmental hazards, like lava flows and lava tubes that a player may fall into, are along the way. These hazards are obstacles that can slow down a player's progress toward the top of the volcano, which is the final goal of the game, and he or she must be careful to preserve his/her mana for just such occasions.

These are fun and lively games, with colorful game boards and game pieces, which any family would enjoy. And the wonder of it is that, while having fun, family members will also learn! That's why these games make a spectacular gift!

Mailing tip: These games fit very comfortably, one or two to a box, into a Priority Mail Flat Rate box ($10.45, delivery confirmation included, regardless of destination location in the United States). So the mailing charge for the second box is free, if you wish to purchase two games!